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If you have a question about FRIO! you've come to the right place. We've gathered a list of the questions most frequently asked with answers to help you get the information you need about this exciting holiday event.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Then email us at: and one of our elves will get right back in touch with you.



Question: Is the snow at FRIO! real?

Answer: Yes! Our magic snowmaking machines make all of the snow at FRIO! So the snow used in Santa’s Snowball Toss, Frozen Funzone or in our snowman building attraction is 100% REAL!

Question: Do I need to wear winter clothes to FRIO!?

Answer: Frio! is chilly but not freezing. We recommend sweaters or light jackets. Gloves and winter coats are not required.


Question: Where is FRIO! located?

Answer: We are located at the McAllen Convention Center, 700 Convention Center Blvd, McAllen, TX 78501.


Question: What days and times are you open?

Answer: FRIO! is open Nov 27 - January 6th. We are closed on December 2 and December 9. Opening times vary each day. For details, check our calendar HERE.


Question: Do I need to purchase at ticket to come to FRIO!

Answer: Yes. Everyone who comes to FRIO! must purchase an Admission Ticket.* Tickets for individual attractions may then be purchased separately. Do one, or do them all! To save $, purchase a POLAR PASS which includes admission to FRIO! plus several attractions for one low price. (*Children under 3 years of age are free).


Question: I want to come to FRIO! with my children or grandchildren but I do not want to ride any of the attractions. Do I need to purchase a ticket?

Answer: Yes. Everyone who comes to FRIO! must purchase an Admission Ticket.

The Admission Ticket allows you to experience the sights and sounds of FRIO! while watching your children or grandchildren have fun. The Admission Ticket does not include any of our attractions but if you change your mind later, you can buy individual attractions online or at the FRIO! Box office.


Question: What is the best way to save money on my ticket purchase at FRIO!

Answer: For the best deal at FRIO! purchase one of our POLAR PASS ticket bundles. A POLAR PASS includes your Admission Ticket PLUS a selection of our most popular attractions bundled together for one low price. POLAR PASSES are even cheaper on Value Days.

Question: What are Value Days?

Answer: FRIO!'s Value Days are the dates when we offer even BIGGER discounts on our POLAR PASS ticket bundle packages. Value Days are: December 3-5, 10-12, 16-19, 31 and January 1.


Question: I am coming to FRIO! with my family. What ticket should I purchase for best value?

Answer: The All-Access VIP Family Pass is the ULTIMATE FRIO! experience for up to five family members. Your ticket includes the largest selections of attractions for the greatest savings vs buying individually, plus bonus front-of line access!  (Minimum of 2 tickets must be purchased) Buy your tickets HERE.

Question: What if I purchase a POLAR PASS ticket bundle but decide I want to do extra attractions?

Answer: No problem! Additional attractions are available for purchase at FRIO! in addition to the ones included in your POLAR PASS. And you don’t even need to line up at box office again. Look for the ‘Ticket Upgrade’ location inside of FRIO! and they will take good care of you.

Question: I have a 2-year-old child. Do they need to purchase a ticket?

Answer: Children 3 and under may come to FRIO! for free, however an adult must purchase a ticket to accompany

a child 3 and under on any attraction at FRIO!

Question: I am coming to FRIO! with a large group of people. Do you offer group discounts?

Answer: Discounts are available for large groups of 20 or more, so perfect for the office Christmas party, church group or large family gatherings! Email us at: for more information on how to purchase group tickets.

Question: Do you offer Military Discounts?

Answer: Yes! We are proud of our service men and women. Active military receive a 10% discount on all ATTRACTION tickets and Polar Pass ticket bundles. Tickets must be purchased at our box office only and you must present your military ID at the time of purchase. 


Question: I don’t feel like waiting in line. Do you sell a Fast Pass ticket?

Answer: Yes! A Fast Pass ticket will give you no-wait, front-of-line access to any of our attractions at FRIO! The tickets may be purchased for $8.95 plus tax online or at our box office or online. NOTE: if you are coming with a group of up to 5 people, our Family VIP Ticket bundle INCLUDES Fast Pass Tickets.


Question: Do your attractions have height and/or age restrictions:

Answer: Yes, some of attractions do have height and/or age restrictions to ride. For information on our individual attractions, click HERE.

Question: I have a small child. Are they able to ride your ice slide?

Answer: For safety reasons, children must be a minimum of 36" to ride Pingüino Plunge. Children between 36" and 42” must ride with an adult on one of our Double Tubes, to allow you to sit together. Children over 42” may ride alone.

Question: What about Rudolpho the Buckin' Burro?

Answer: For safety reasons, children must be at least 48" to ride on Rudolpho's back


Question: My child can’t ice skate? Are they allowed on the ice rink?

Answer: Yes! We have Polar Bear Buddies for rental at FRIO! You can push your child around the rink on one of our buddies. Children 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult on the ice rink.

Question: When will Santa Clause be at FRIO!?

Answer: Santa is at his second home, the South Pole of Texas, at FRIO! November 27 through Christmas Eve. To see the times that Santa will be appearing, click HERE.


Question: Is there a charge to take my photograph with Santa at FRIO!

Answer: You can journey through the South Pole Workshop and have your family photograph taken with Santa by one of our amazing photographer Elves!  Just as with most malls and theme parks, you may not take a picture with your own camera, iPhone, Android or any Smartphone. Photo packages are available to purchase starting at $20 and include a souvenir FRIO! photo frame.  


Question: Will I be able to purchase FRIO! souvenirs and gifts?

Answer: Yes! Our FRIO! gift shop is located in our foyer area right outside the entrance to FRIO! and will sell a selection of souvenir items including t-shirts, ornaments and our South Pole Penguin plush toy!


Question: My family are really excited about decorating a gingerbread house at FRIO!  How do I purchase this experience?

Answer: Families can decorate gingerbread houses or gingerbread cookie kits inside ‘Gingerbreadland,’ our life-sized gingerbread house! The price of each house or cookie kit varies depending on your selection. Chose from Mickey Mouse Houses, Disney’s Frozen II castles, Snowmen cookies, The Grinch house and more! While you are busy having sticky fun with royal icing and candy, expect a visit from ‘Ginger’…FRIO!’s very own Gingerbread man, and take a sweet selfie!


Question: Is there any way my child can play in real snow?

Answer: Yes! At the Frozen Funzone our magic snow making machines blow snow into an area, allowing kids to dance, play, and touch REAL snow! NOTE: This attraction is CLOSED on value days. It is open peak days only at12pm and again at 5pm. Experience lasts approximately 10 minutes. Small children must be accompanied by an adult.


Question: Can I throw snowballs at FRIO!?

Answer: Yes! At Santa’s Snowball Toss you can throw a bucket of REAL snowballs at moving targets and mischievous Elves. So get ready, warm up your pitching arm and practice your aim!


Question: Is there any place where we are able to build a snowman?

Answer: Yes! Our Build Your Own Snowman experience is a fun team activity for up to 5 people and allows families the opportunity to create their very own snowman from REAL snow. We provide the snow, scarf, hat, eyes arms and carrot nose so you can take a souvenir ‘snowman selfie’ with your  frozen friend! NOTE: The price of one ticket, $25.95, covers a group of up to 5 people. You do not need to purchase individual tickets.


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