Christmas is a time when we put down our cell phones and come together as a family...and what better way to do that, than a family photograph with Santa Claus? See elves, tin soldiers, teddy bears and toys as you embark on a journey through Santa's South Pole workshop for a magical encounter with the man himself! Take home your family photo memory in a souvenir FRIO! frame*.

*Photo packages start at $20. Selfies or smart phone photographs are not permitted.

Santa will be at FRIO! daily through December 24, at the following times:

November 27  3pm-10pm

November 28  11am- 10pm

November 29  10am- 10pm

November 30  10am- 10pm

December 1  1pm- 8pm

December 2  Feeding Reindeer

December 3  6pm-8pm

December 4  6pm- 8pm

December 5  6pm- 8pm

December 6  6pm- 8pm

December 7  1pm- 8pm

December 8  5pm- 8pm

December 9 Feeding Reindeer

December 10  4pm- 8pm

December 11  4pm- 8pm

December 12  4pm- 8pm

December 13  4pm- 10pm

December 14  12pm- 10pm

December 15  1pm- 8pm

December 16  4pm- 8pm

December 17  4pm- 8pm

December 18  4pm- 8pm

December 19  6pm-  8pm

December 20  2pm- 8pm

December 21  12pm- 8pm

December 22  12pm- 10pm

December 23  12pm- 10pm

December 24  11am- 6pm

Merry Christmas. See you next year!